Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Last Impression! Back cover Photo Contest!!

Do you want your child in this magazine? Do you want a full page where she/he will be noticed? Lets talk about the back outside cover!!!

This is often a very misunderstood page, usually ending with a credits and then following an advertisement page on the back cover, this magazine wants to put a full sized image of your child there!!! So when you finish reading the magazine, We want your child to be the last Picture that people see when they read the magazine!!

The Last Impression !!!!

This is a Contest!!! We will be taking entries for the next four days! When you send your image through to one of our emails( or ) We will quickly evaluate the photo and let you know if its been accepted. If it has we will then upload to this page. When your photo has been uploaded and has been accepted then you can ask your friends to vote for your child.The way your going to win this spot is to have the "most" likes..a like is someone that likes the photo as well as the page, yes everyone, a like is for both the page and the photo.

Please include, the photographers name/website as well as your child's name and age when submitting. Since this contest will be decided upon by all of our fans, only the photos that meet requirements will be uploaded and become part of the contest. they must be high resolution with no obvious flaws, they don't have to be professional, just nicely done, sized to an 8by10 format.

Please remember this is a major part of the magazine, you will be the last impression, Make it a good one!!!

thank you and good luck!!!!

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