Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Free Showcase in Just Kids Magazine!


ONE page, featuring your son or daughter in the upcoming debut issue of Just Kids Magazine.

What do you have to do?

Send me a photo of your child, that you think would look awesome in a magazine spread. I will post this photo to our fan page, where you can ask your friends/family/whoever to "like" the photo of your child and the fan page would be an added touch.

How will we decide who gets to be featured?

This is a free giveaway, its not going to depend on how many people "like" your photo of you child, its going to come down to a random.org winning..ballets will be given one for every like on the photo to that contestant. so if you have 14 likes on your photo, you have 14 entries to win. this is totally random, however, the more ballets you have entered the more of a chance to win.

Is that the only way to win a featured page with Just Kids Magazine?

Nope, One lucky winner will be chosen based on their entry alone. I have three judges that will pick one lucky winner of their combined choice. Criteria will only be that its judges choice.

What if you win?

you will have one week to submit the high resolution photo that you entered or an equally nice photo to us as well as any other photos you would like to be considered as part of your child's page. please only high resolution, and professional quality photos .

****By entering and submitting a photo you will acknowledge that you have the right to reprint or can get a signed release from the photographer to be submitted and printed in our magazine. Those without a release to print will be disqualified and we will award an additional winner in your place.


Please submit your photo to Lindaknolls01@gmail.com
with your child's name/age and who the photographer that took the photo is.

Thank you!

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