Sunday, 10 June 2012


Here we are finally at the point where we can announce the Cover contest. What were we waiting for? I have no idea..this will run for the next 14 days, we will be taking email submissions only!

We want to protect our cover before release, the winner when announced will be asked to supply us with an additional photo that we will post to our fanpage as well as our website as the winner. This will not be our winning photo so no restrictions on it..whatever you like as your winning acceptance photo.

Ok here are the guidelines:

1. You must submit a photo of your child, your grandchild, or your ward. You cannot submit a photo of the kids down the street that you think looks adorable.

2. The photo does not have to be professional but having a professional photo of high quality may win you the contest, so choose carefully.

3. Your photo must be free of copyrights, no restrictions and be allowed to be printed on our magazine, in the case of a photographer's image, please contact the photographer prior to submission to make sure that this is ok and you are allowed to do it!

4. The photo must be a full 8by10 vertical photo, that is already sized, please do not send us a snapshot that is 4 by 6 and hope we can fix it, remember this is for the cover. High resolution, 300dpi and no photographers tags please.

5. There is a small application fee that is being set out for this contest. You will be required to pay 5$ for each contestant and an additional 1$ for each photo after your first that you want to submit per child. For example, you have two children and 3 photos, two photos of your daughter and one of your son, your total would be 5$ per child (10$) plus the 1$ for the additional photo of your daughter, bringing a total of 11$.
If you don't understand or need clarification, please email and ask us, we will explain more.

6. Application fees do not guarantee that you will win, everyone must pay this for this particular contest. If you win, you will win the cover space on the front of our magazine.

7. Please do not pay with echeck through your paypal account, cash balances or credit card transactions only. I can accept a email money transfer on my partners account, if necessary, just email me prior and I will send you the email address personally.

8. All payments should be made to through paypal only. After you receive verification from us that your payment has gone through you can then send your image. to the same address.

9. We reserve the right to deny a less than adequate photo at the time of submission. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone if we see fit, if this happens your application fee will be returned to you and your submission will be void.

10. We will not be posting the photos to the internet, rather we ask that you send us an additional photo of your child that we can post as we go along, one that is not the photo submission but one of the child in the photo submission. We look forward to everyone having an equal chance in this contest so we will be using three judges to choose the winner, in the event of a tie, we will draw names from a hat to determine the winner.

11. As a bonus!!!!! 10 additional photos from the contest will appear in the magazine as honorable mentions. If you don't win the cover, you may still win a spot in the magazine. These will be smaller than the full sized page, but we will take great care choose our honorable mentions as well.

12. The cover model that wins will also receive a copy of the magazine sent to them prior to the release to the general public.

So there ya go, 5$ entry fee, you could win the cover, you could win 1 of 10 honorable mentions and get into the magazine. what have you got to loose? get out your best photos and lets rock this cover!!

*** Facebook has no interest in this magazine contest, they do not endorse us, nor do they hold any responsibility  to anyone entering this contest.

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