Sunday, 10 June 2012


Here we are finally at the point where we can announce the Cover contest. What were we waiting for? I have no idea..this will run for the next 14 days, we will be taking email submissions only!

We want to protect our cover before release, the winner when announced will be asked to supply us with an additional photo that we will post to our fanpage as well as our website as the winner. This will not be our winning photo so no restrictions on it..whatever you like as your winning acceptance photo.

Ok here are the guidelines:

1. You must submit a photo of your child, your grandchild, or your ward. You cannot submit a photo of the kids down the street that you think looks adorable.

2. The photo does not have to be professional but having a professional photo of high quality may win you the contest, so choose carefully.

3. Your photo must be free of copyrights, no restrictions and be allowed to be printed on our magazine, in the case of a photographer's image, please contact the photographer prior to submission to make sure that this is ok and you are allowed to do it!

4. The photo must be a full 8by10 vertical photo, that is already sized, please do not send us a snapshot that is 4 by 6 and hope we can fix it, remember this is for the cover. High resolution, 300dpi and no photographers tags please.

5. There is a small application fee that is being set out for this contest. You will be required to pay 5$ for each contestant and an additional 1$ for each photo after your first that you want to submit per child. For example, you have two children and 3 photos, two photos of your daughter and one of your son, your total would be 5$ per child (10$) plus the 1$ for the additional photo of your daughter, bringing a total of 11$.
If you don't understand or need clarification, please email and ask us, we will explain more.

6. Application fees do not guarantee that you will win, everyone must pay this for this particular contest. If you win, you will win the cover space on the front of our magazine.

7. Please do not pay with echeck through your paypal account, cash balances or credit card transactions only. I can accept a email money transfer on my partners account, if necessary, just email me prior and I will send you the email address personally.

8. All payments should be made to through paypal only. After you receive verification from us that your payment has gone through you can then send your image. to the same address.

9. We reserve the right to deny a less than adequate photo at the time of submission. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone if we see fit, if this happens your application fee will be returned to you and your submission will be void.

10. We will not be posting the photos to the internet, rather we ask that you send us an additional photo of your child that we can post as we go along, one that is not the photo submission but one of the child in the photo submission. We look forward to everyone having an equal chance in this contest so we will be using three judges to choose the winner, in the event of a tie, we will draw names from a hat to determine the winner.

11. As a bonus!!!!! 10 additional photos from the contest will appear in the magazine as honorable mentions. If you don't win the cover, you may still win a spot in the magazine. These will be smaller than the full sized page, but we will take great care choose our honorable mentions as well.

12. The cover model that wins will also receive a copy of the magazine sent to them prior to the release to the general public.

So there ya go, 5$ entry fee, you could win the cover, you could win 1 of 10 honorable mentions and get into the magazine. what have you got to loose? get out your best photos and lets rock this cover!!

*** Facebook has no interest in this magazine contest, they do not endorse us, nor do they hold any responsibility  to anyone entering this contest.

New Contest: Bake up a storm!!!

For this we want those all around good fun in the kitchen pictures of your kids. Have them put on an apron, grab some oven gloves, really bake something or just pose for the picture. Its up to you!!

We would like to add some of the pictures to our debut as part of our kids gourmet section. Use your thinking hats and get cracking out some awesome photos!!

Please submit high resolution, 8by10, 300 dpi, large files, please do not send cell phone pictures, or ones from facebook, they will not work well to print. Include your child's name, age and who the photographer is that took the photo.Thanks so much

Submissions should go to or for consideration.

Our Last Impression Cover Photo Contest is nearing the end

Our Last Impression Cover Photo Contest is nearing the end, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone that has participated by sending in their beautiful photos, everyone that has taken the time to vote and those also that are just strolling by. 

I will announce the winner tomorrow after I get a chance to count each vote, If I post a number by your name, that is the number you have overall. I will be cross-referencing the names that like your photo and our fans here. every fan vote gets you a vote!!

good luck everyone!! 

Friday, 8 June 2012


I just wanted to send a special THANK YOU to all the people that are working with us to make this magazine happen. Without all of you we would not have those fabulous photos to include in our debut issue. For that we will always be thankful.

As the days go by faster and closer to our cut off date, its become part of my daily routine to look for new articles / items to include in this issue, our summer issue is already well as our future issue..December is proving to be a great issue straight out of the box.

Looking forward to getting this issue to bed, sharing our hard work with you all and continuing our quest to be one of those magazines, that you see and think to yourself.. that's a good one!

Thanks to everyone for all you have done!!

Linda and company

Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Contest Alert!!!

Did your darling daughter or handsome son get baptized or have their first communion recently?

We are looking for those perfect photos from the day for the our debut issue. Get them out and go through them, get the photos that make you smile when you look at them, the ones that your child is all dressed up and either ready for the day, or ready for the day to end.

Full sized 8by10, 300 dpi images,no cellphone images please. no scanned images either, these have to be digital files.

Please submit to or

All photos will be considered and you will be notified by July 1, 2012 if your photos have been chosen for the issue, thank you!!!

Cover Model/ centerfold contest!!

We will be announcing all the details on how to get your child on our debut cover soon!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


As I answer some emails I have come to realize that with photo contests come the question -- how much to enter, I want to clarify that with the exception of the cover photo contest, there will be no fees for any of the contests/submissions on this magazine for the debut.

We want you to have a chance to be published, advertisers, photographers, models alike.

This issue is and our magazine is looking to cut through the norm on facebook. No fees!! invite anyone you think would be interested, there are no surprises! thank you

The Last Impression! Back cover Photo Contest!!

Do you want your child in this magazine? Do you want a full page where she/he will be noticed? Lets talk about the back outside cover!!!

This is often a very misunderstood page, usually ending with a credits and then following an advertisement page on the back cover, this magazine wants to put a full sized image of your child there!!! So when you finish reading the magazine, We want your child to be the last Picture that people see when they read the magazine!!

The Last Impression !!!!

This is a Contest!!! We will be taking entries for the next four days! When you send your image through to one of our emails( or ) We will quickly evaluate the photo and let you know if its been accepted. If it has we will then upload to this page. When your photo has been uploaded and has been accepted then you can ask your friends to vote for your child.The way your going to win this spot is to have the "most" likes..a like is someone that likes the photo as well as the page, yes everyone, a like is for both the page and the photo.

Please include, the photographers name/website as well as your child's name and age when submitting. Since this contest will be decided upon by all of our fans, only the photos that meet requirements will be uploaded and become part of the contest. they must be high resolution with no obvious flaws, they don't have to be professional, just nicely done, sized to an 8by10 format.

Please remember this is a major part of the magazine, you will be the last impression, Make it a good one!!!

thank you and good luck!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Boys Boys Boys!!!!!

We are looking for a few Boys pictures to include in the magazine with a few articles, Specifically, dressed in an outfit TDF!!

Get out the cutest photos you have of your son's, grandson's and nephews !!! We want to see them all!!

More than one photo will be chosen at the end of the week to be included.

Ages 0-18, high resolution, 8by10 crop, with photo credits and your child's name and age included in the email please.

Send to or

Thank you!

Spotlight Model Of the Month

Each month we will be on the lookout for what we think is an awesome example of a model. 

There will be two individuals awarded for each mohth, one girl and one boy.

These winners will have exceptional photos in their portfolio and have been working as a model for at least a year to give us a good understanding of what kind of model they are.

You will be contacted via message on here or email if you have won and all winners will be included in each issue following the three month span of winning.

good luck!!!

Advertiser contest Alert!

Are you interested in Advertising your business in our Magazine? 

Would you like to win the opportunity for FREE?

We are holding a contest to look for that special business to run an ad in our Magazine. 

This business should have a facebook fan page, a website is a plus!
They should have been operating for at least six months.
They also Need to be children related in some way

If you are interested and can meet these requirements keep reading.

To enter this contest, we will need a few things from you.

1~ You have to send us an email at and let us know that you are interested.

2~ send us a bio of your business and a graphic that would be included in the magazine if you are chosen the winner

3~ like this picture and share with your facebook page

4~We will chose the winner after ten businesses have entered.

Thank you!!!

Photographers only Contest Alert!!

We are looking for the best of the best!!

If you are a photographer and are interested in having your work published in the upcoming debut issue. 

Shoot us an email at

please include your fan page/ website links, a bio that best describes you and what you do.

Also include why you would like to win a spot in our magazine.

The chosen Photographers will have up to a one page spread that will detail their journey and display their

thank you !!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Just Kids Magazine Models!!

Just Kids Models
Here is our Modelling page, Please take a moment and "Like" the page, future assignments/contests for content will be posted here. thank you!

Showcase Model Winner ~ Kendell

Kendell will be one of our showcase models in the summer's debut issue, she is one of our winners from our recent contest. Congrats Kendell!! 

Showcase Model Winner ~ Emma

Emma will be one of our showcase models in the summer's debut issue, she is one of our 
winners from our recent contest. Congrats Emma!! 

Showcase Model Winner - Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace will be one of our showcase models in the summer's debut issue, she is one of our winners from our recent contest. Congrats Alexis Grace!! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

Today is the day that the contest for the showcase model will be closed. I wish everyone good luck and I am looking forward to finding out who wins!!! The judges we have are already looking at the album and we hope to announce tomorrow!!! Thank you all for your participation and helping make this contest a success!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Good Luck Everyone!

Good Luck to all the contestants in this weeks contest, We are not accepting any more submissions. This is the last day to get your "like" for the picture and page to count towards your overall entries.

If you tried to enter after midnight last night, I sent you a message, please stick around, we will be having more contests and would love to have you!

thanks to everyone that has made this contest a success!! I look forward to seeing who wins and adding to our pages of Just kids Magazine.

good luck everyone!!!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Cover photo and Website banner !

I was overwhelmed with the response to my request for photos to edit into a website banner and cover photo for the facebook fan page. Thank you to all of you that responded and helped me with this. The new banners should be posted soon.